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POSE: Talking Pictures



POSE is a fun app where you can make a picture or any face talk & come alive!

POSE is the ultimate talking pictures app.


- Use any photo!

- Change facial expressions of your pictures

- Record messages to make your photos talk

- Add funny filters, stickers, meme text, audio effects, and more!

- Save & share your creations as videos & share them with your friends!


You can use POSE to make your dog talk, make a drawing or statue come alive, or make your friend say something embarrassing. POSE is a funny & unique way to create a personalized birthday or greetings message for someone you know!


The app is currently FREE to download and try. You can create & share up to 5 videos for free. The app offers a PRO version which offers unlimited saving & sharing of videos, as well as the ability to disable the watermark. The app has three purchase plans:


- 1 month subscription ($0.99, monthly)

- 1 year subscription ($4.99, yearly) 

- Lifetime ownership ($7.99, one-time purchase)


Release Date:

June 10, 2019 - version 1.0
October 9, 2019 - version 2.0


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About Us:

POSE: Talking Pictures is a mobile app developed under the leadership of Four the Good Life, LLC -- a business that brings innovative ideas and concepts to life. Many businesses and ideas are born here and brought to market under the leadership of Four the Good Life, LLC.


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